Multiple Platforms
  • Speed

    Load tested to handle over 36,000 positions from over 400 tracking units in just 35 seconds.

  • Versatility

    Capable of tracking any unit in the world on any network through a single interface.

  • Usability

    Multilingual support across multiple platforms without any software installation.

  • Customizable

    Easily customized that includes White Label and Reseller Options.

  • Easy To Use

    Utilizes a simple, browser safe interface that never needs to be upgraded or patched.

Utilize almost any available tracking hardware

There are currently more than 50 applicable hardware units that can be used on the Sombra Solutions Track platform. Should there be a specific unit needed for an upcoming project, we can implement the information into our platform to get your assets tracked.

Multilingual & Multi-Platform

English, Spanish, French, and German are the currently available languages supported by Sombra Solutions Track. Should you require another language, other than what is offered, we can easily configure the system to output information into any language you need. Aside from being a multilingual platform, it is also capable of reporting information in various types of measurement. MPH or KPH, American Metric system or SI; Sombra Solutions Track will make your data applicable to your needs.


Circular, square, or even trapezoidal, Sombra Solutions Track allows you to set parameters to which vehicles must remain in, or cannot enter. Geofencing alerts occur whenever a vehicle enters or exits a designated perimeter. Alerts are generated to the specified contact persons, and you can remedy the problem as it occurs. Depending on the hardware, vehicle-disabling systems may be available to stop the car from moving forward.

Track by position, speed, altitude and heading

Multiple different tracking hardware units have the capability of providing not just the position of any asset; they can also report which direction they are moving, how fast it is travelling, and even the altitude. With such detailed information provided, operation managers can now create movement profiles to help improve efficiency and make better-informed decisions.

Remote Configuration

With access to the latest technology and hardware, Sombra Solutions Track has implemented numerous devices that can receive configuration commands from the command center, eliminating the need to remove hardware from the asset and plugging it into a computer. Issue commands and configuration on the go, without restrictions.

Alerts based on speed, IO changes, start, stop, and power on and off

Through the use of numerous hardware tracking units, and clever engineering, Sombra Solutions Track is able to supply a range of solutions specific to the needs of your current issues. Unique and customizable solutions have helped to provide even greater information. Find out when doors are opened, the asset stops, ignition has been turned on or off, if the battery has been disconnected, or even if someone is sitting in the back seat of your vehicle. Tracking hardware combined with properly installed sensors can help provide a wealth of information that may be necessary for your desired needs.

Seamless ongoing software upgrades to include the latest technology as soon as it is available

With no software to ever download for Sombra Solutions Track, there is no need to worry about having to do manual updates. As soon as an upgrade or patch is available, it is seamless integrated into the platform without you knowing. The latest technology is implanted for you as soon as it is available.

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