Map Modes

The portal offers users two primary modes for viewing Asset data plotted on a map. Live Mode shows the most recently reported position of each Asset, and gives users the option to follow an Asset for the active session. Live Mode always updates itself whenever a new position posts to the portal, and there is no need to manually refresh the interface to see new data. History Mode shows all of the data that was reported within a given period of time, the range of which can be set by the user.

Live Mode

One of two map modes that displays all of the most recently reported positions from all Assets that are toggled visible in the List Panel. If any assets report new positions after the start of the session, Live Mode will follow those assets and update automatically (no need to refresh the browser) as well.

Following Asset(s)

There is an option in Live Mode to follow Assets, which is effectively a combination of Live Mode and History Mode, as it monitors the most recently reported position(s) of any followed Asset(s) and also maintains a trail of all positions reported since the follow was initiated. If any Assets are being followed, there will be an indicator box at the top of the Map View that says Following: (Asset Name) and the last update received.

History Mode

The second of two map modes that displays all of the reported positions from all Assets toggled visible for the default history period set in User Preferences. Users can change the history period by clicking the preset buttons, or by entering a custom date and time range with the calendar button.

History Mode Options

  • 1h displays the most recent hour of reported history
  • 24h displays the most recent 24 hours of reported history
  • 7d displays the most recent 7 days of reported history
  • 1m displays the most recent 30 days of reported history
  • Custom (calendar icon) allows users to set a custom history range with a beginning and end date and time. For “all positions until” leave the start date empty. For “all positions since” leave the end date empty.

History Replay

When initiated for an Asset, History Replay snaps the map view to the oldest position in the History range, then walks the user through the entire range of reported positions in chronological order leading to the most recently reported position in the range. Users can see the full progression of the Asset, and can use the controls at the bottom of the Summary Panel to move forward or backward in the replay manually.